Rendering Engine

Because every game needs a screenshot of their awesome rendering technology…



I’ve long held a passion for MUD’s; ever since I was 12 years old or so I have been playing and writing code for MUD’s. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past two decades writing various small MUD code bases from the ground up in different languages, including C, C++, VB (I’m so sorry…), Perl, Ruby, et al.

However, after a long time, I’ve finally settled on a language and code base. I present, NodeMUD! NodeMUD is an entire MUD engine for NodeJS (at the time of this writing, 0.12.x should work), written in Coffeescript. Right now, my primary focus is content creation and speed; I want this engine to be fast enough for general purpose MUD’s that support hundreds (thousands?) of players at once. There are some core issues that need to be resolved (such as combat calculations happening on the main loop), but I suppose combat should be implemented before I worry too much about that!

I’ve taken care to write (mostly) functional code. State is only stored in entity objects; all other code, such as interpreters, should be functional. However it’s entirely possible I missed a thing or two.

Anyway, feel free to get the code here.


I’ve decided to get off of tumblr for now; mostly it was due to a gripe with the post editor/creator. Ultimately I think I’ve landed on Jekyll. We’ll see how this goes.