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How To Make Elasticsearch Fast

Add the following to the settings of an index you want to speed up:

  "settings": {
    "index": {
      "queries": {
        "cache": {
          "everything": true


// for test purposes only
public static final Setting<Boolean> INDEX_QUERY_CACHE_EVERYTHING_SETTING =
    Setting.boolSetting("index.queries.cache.everything", false, Property.IndexScope);

// This setting is an escape hatch in case not caching term queries would slow some users down
// Do not document.
public static final Setting<Boolean> INDEX_QUERY_CACHE_TERM_QUERIES_SETTING =
    Setting.boolSetting("index.queries.cache.term_queries", false, Property.IndexScope);

Alternatively, if you’re serious about searching, use Solr. Bonus points if you back it with HDFS so you never have to sync data.

Good luck!